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mitre - nco - prussia - museum copy - palace guard - friedrich der große-style

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    Prussia – Mitre – NCO – Museum Copy – Palace Guard – Russian Style – Silver Plate

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    For gala events, the Preußische Garde Unteroffizier Kompagnie’s NCO’s wore Grenadiermützen like those worn by the Erste Garde Regiment zu Fuß’s (EGRzuFUß) Bataillone Nrs I & II. Just like the EGRzuFUß, this Preußische Garde Unteroffizier Kompagnie’s Mitre displays a front shield made of silver-plated sheet-metal that bears a high-relief Order of the Black Eagle beneath a large crown. The metal shield is backed with black cloth, while the Mitre’s cloth body is red with three white strips running from its top down to its headband. The white cloth border/headband around the Mitre’s base features three flaming silver grenades. One is positioned on either side to fasten the correct, arched, brass, chin scales to the Mitre, while the third one appears at the Mitre’s rear. The top device, or Puschel, is a leather knob covered with white colored wool that sports a black center like that worn on the pre-1894 EGRzuFUß’ Mitres. No kokarden are worn on the Mitre. The Mitre’s interior is similar to a pickelhaube’s interior, featuring a leather headband with leather petals. Each petal contains a hole through which a leather string was threaded and tied in order to adjust the fit for each wearer……  

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