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mitre - officer - kaiser alexander garde-grenadier-regiment nr 1

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    MITRE – OFFICER – KAISER ALEXANDER GARDE-GRENADIER-REGIMENT NR 1 This is a Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier -Regiment Nr 1 officer’s Mitre. The regiment included both Grenadier and Füsilier Bataillone. The Mitre is for the Grenadier Bataillon. The Mitre was an ultra-high form of headdress used by only two regiments in post 1897 Germany. The first was the incredibly famous 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß. The other was Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr 1. The latter regiment was founded in 1814 and named for Russia’s Tsar Alexander, who was Prussia’s ally to during the Napoleonic Wars. [In fact, Alexander had presented a special black Küraß to the Regiment der Garde du Corps’ officers and men as a thank-you gift. In the years after the Napoleonic Wars ended, the Regiment der Garde du Corps wore their black küraßes ONLY during their annual spring parade]. Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier -Regiment Nr 1 was garrisoned in Berlin. Like all Garde-Regiments, it was attached to the prestigious Gardekorps. The Mitre was a holdover from Napoleonic and pre Napoleonic times dating back to Friedrich der Große. Most Imperial German Regiments employed two forms of headdress, a parade or garrison version of a pickelhaube/kugelhelm/etc. and a schirmmütze (visor cap). The two Mitre-wearing regiments wore the aforementioned two headdress pieces in addition to their Mitres. These Mitres were reserved ONLY for very high parades or special occasions. For more ordinary parades, the two regiments reverted to their pickelhauben with parade bushes. The Mitre is basically a cloth piece of headdress with a…


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