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officer’s dispatch/brief bag

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    SKU: 10-887


    This item really caught my attention when I saw it. It is a canvas bag, measuring 22” x 17,” in which an officer could carry maps, dispatches, other papers, and supplies. Essentially, it would have served his briefcase in the field or in the trenches. A great deal of thought and planning went into this bag to render it as handy as possible. Since it was intended for an officer, he would have purchased this on his own. It was NOT issued by a military supply depot. It features a central pouch in which a large number of items could be placed. A smaller pouch is also available for smaller or more important items. This central storage area is accessed through a flap. Two more flaps that are secured by buckles on the bag’s front provide even more storage space. A pair of leather straps extends from the bag’s back, enabling its owner to carry the bag over his shoulder. It even has side attachments that would have allowed the bag to be fastened to a belt! This is truly a clever bag. If the new owner wishes, he could use it in a manner similar to today’s backpacks. One could really add a lot of gear to it. I very much doubt that you would find another quite like it! It is in very good condition, and quite sturdy for being more than one-hundred-years-old.


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