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paper stamp for cruiser squadrons’ commanding officer - kaiserliche marine

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    PAPER STAMP FOR CRUISER SQUADRONS’ COMMANDING OFFICER – KAISERLICHE MARINE. The Imperial German Navy employed a combination of rubber and paper stamps that were applied to all sorts of documents, letters, envelopes, etc. This is one of the paper versions. It measures 1.5” in diameter, and sports a combination of blue and white colors. Its center displays a Hohenzollern Eagle superimposed over an anchor, with the words “Kaiserl. Marine Kommando des Kreuzergeschwaders” surrounding it around the edge. The Kaiserliche Marine had a heavy concentration of heavy and light cruisers that constituted an important section of the High Seas Fleet. For example, cruisers made up the biggest part of the East Asian Squadron (commanded by Maximilian Graf von Spee). [None of the latter survived the actions in the Indian Ocean or at the Battle of Falkland Islands). Also, at the Battle of Jutland (Skageraak), Franz von Hipper and his Cruiser Squadron saved the German fleet from disaster by covering the battleships’ withdrawal from action. Von Hipper’s combination of heavy and light cruisers were very mobile and effective and his actions gained him a Pour le Mérite and a Military Max Joseph Order and a Knighthood as a result of the battle. The stamp is in excellent condition.

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