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patriotic box - commemorating kaiser wilhelm ii

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    PATRIOTIC BOX – COMMEMORATING KAISER WILHELM II This is an interesting wooden box commemorating Kaiser Wilhelm II and Germany during WW I. The box sports an unusual shape and measures 9 5/8″ x 6 7/8″ x 5 ½.” All of its measurements include curves. Its top is especially interesting, with tiers at three different elevations. A wide array of Art Deco-style design decals, including oak leaves with acorns (signifying strength), swords, lyres, and varying floral designs were applied to its surface when it was made (during the Imperial German Period). As you look down at the box’s top, you read “Mitt Gott,” “Fuer (Für),” “Kaiser und,” and “Reich” on its four sides. In the center is an appropriately silver and black 1914 Iron Cross. A hasp that fastens over a loop is present, which one can be secured with a small lock (not included). The hasp was broken at some point and has been repaired. The box stands on four balled feet. Some parts of the box display small cracks, but they are barely noticeable. They do NOT affect the box’s structural integrity. This is an attractive box that will display well, as well as contain a goodly number of your personal treasures.

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