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patriotic box - imperial german - ww i

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    PATRIOTIC BOX – IMPERIAL GERMAN – WW I. This is a most interesting patriotic box that would have been purchased during WW I and used to store letters or other personal trinkets. The box is covered with feldgrau cotton material, the color of German Army uniforms in both WW I and WW II. It measures 4″ x 8 ½” x 12.” Some light stains appear on its top. It is trimmed with red leather/leatherette around the top lid’s edges, which has suffered some lifting in places. The motto “Kriegs-Erinnerungen” (War Memories) appears on the front’s the bottom right corner. Its upper left corner displays a small boxed area that measures 2 ” x 2 ¾” and contains a multicolored, embroidered Imperial German eagle with a shield superimposed over its chest sporting another black and white eagle. At one point the box had a key to secure its contents, but it is no longer present. Beneath the lid is a generous storage area for whatever treasures you may care to deposit. It is in surprisingly good condition for being one-hundred-years-old.

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