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pickelhaube - braunschweig - reserve officer - infanterie-regiment nr 92

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    Braunschweig – Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet – Reserve Officer – Infanterie Rgt NR 92

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    One of the most popular pickelhauben is for the Duchy of Braunschweig’s Infanterie-Regiment Nr 92. This popularity stems from their use of massive Totenköpfe (Death’s Heads) that appear superimposed over their Prussian-style wappens. [PLEASE NOTE: the Totenkopf appeared on only four regiments’ headdresses. These were the 92’s sister unit, Husaren-Regiment Nr 17 (also from Braunschweig), along with the Kingdom of Prussia’s Husaren-Regiments Nr 1 and Nr 2]. This Totenkopf had NOT always appeared on all Braunschweig pickelhauben. Up until 1912, one of the regiment’s Bataillone (Nr III) had employed a beautiful, enameled wappen that featured the profile of Braunschweig’s iconic horse, while Bataillone Nr II and Nr III displayed the Totenkopf. After 1912 all Braunschweig Bataillone converted to the Totenkopf. [Many of these earlier helmets converted their “horse” wappens into Totenköpfe, which is why so few “horse” wappens still exist. That said, we have a simply gorgeous 92nd Infanterie-Regiment “horse” wappen on offer elsewhere]……  

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