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pocket watch with patriotic watch chain - presentation case

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    POCKET WATCH WITH PATRIOTIC WATCH CHAIN – PRESENTATION CASE. This is an ornate presentation of a pocket watch from the Great War Era. The watch has a twenty-four-hour face with a second hand. The case is silver-toned. The watch measures 2″ in diameter. The watch operates only sporadically, for a few seconds at a time. Perhaps a watchmaker could do something to return the watch to a fully functional basis. Attached to the watch is an interesting, patriotic, watch chain. Interspersed with the regular links of the chain are three other special links. Two are for the 1916 “Gold for Iron” program, while the other mentions “The Iron Time.” The watch and chain are housed in a deluxe presentation case made of black leatherette. It measures 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2.” Inside the case is a special area where the watch is housed. The chain is laid in a special compartment right above it.

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