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prussia - banner - veterans

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    This small banner was perhaps used at a veteran’s association meeting and was placed on a table hung from a small flag pole. The banner measures 12 ½” x 8″ and is silk, with high-quality embroidered descriptive and decorative writing. This banner is for 1. Oberrheinisches Infantry-Regiment Nr 97. This Prussian regiment was founded in 1881. It was disbanded in 1918 at the end of WW I. The banner has a wooden horizontal pole that holds the banner up for display. It has a green background with a white bandeau displaying the various campaigns in which the regiment participated. On the bandeau is the creation date of the regiment, along with when it was disbanded. In the center of the bandeau is a black Iron Cross with the date of 1914. A crowned royal cypher over crossed swords also appears. At the bottom of the banner is some fine gold fringe.

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