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prussia - belt with original storage carton - officer’s - husaren regiment

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    PRUSSIA – BELT WITH ORIGINAL STORAGE CARTON – OFFICER’S – HUSAREN REGIMENT This is a consignment item. Today we are offering a wonderful Prussian Husaren Regiment Officer’s parade belt. It is a very hard-to-find accessory worn by Prussian Husaren officers on dress occasions. The belt features stone-mint brown leather attachments at either end for securing the belt. The belt itself consists of many thin braided silver and black-chevroned bullion strings that are threaded through three sets of braided silver bullion tubes. [The tubes, which number five per set, are securely threaded together]. An aiguillette-like section is attached by its braided rosette between two of tube sections. The “aiguillette” itself consists of two thicker silver bullion cords that encircle the looped-together strings near one of the leather fasteners. The aiguillette’s OTHER end features two portépée-like devices made of bullion and coiled silver-toned tinsel, which hang down from the rosette opposite to the aiguillette’s cords. A white silk lining is attached to the belt’s reverse behind the tube sets and the aiguillette’s rosette. It is intact, but shows some minor soiling. The belt measures 30 ½” when fully lengthened. The belt has been housed in its original storage carton over all these years. The carton measures 8″ in diameter. Both carton halves are in excellent condition. Its original one-hundred-year-old tissue paper lines the carton’s bottom. This explains the belt’s superb condition! It is a mint-condition Husaren officer’s belt. You could search for years and find none better. Even in a lesser condition,…

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