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prussia - figurine - officer - porcelain - ca. 1740

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    This is a finely-made porcelain figurine of a Prussian officer, circa 1740. This is from the time when Frederick the Great (1712-1786) was King of Prussia. Frederick the Great served as Prussia’s King from 1740 into 1786. This is considered the beginning of Prussia’s dominance within Germany, which extend from 1740 through 1918. The exquisitely-detailed figurine is hand painted. It rests on an oval-shaped base. The figurine stands 8 1/4″ tall. Adding the base increases the total height to 9 1/2.” The lower one third of the officer’s sword is missing. Hallmarking for the manufacturer appears at the bottom, but I am not familiar with it. [If any of our sharp-eyed readers can help us ID the firm, we would greatly appreciate it]! I estimate that the figurine was manufactured after 1945. The colors are very vibrant. This is an extremely handsome figurine.

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