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prussia - iron cross - 1st class - 1914 - ko hallmark - engraved

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    IRON CROSS – 1914 – 1st CLASS – KO HALLMARK – ENGRAVED This is an issued 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class that was engraved by or for its recipient. The bulk of 1914 Iron Crosses 1st Class was issued by KO, a Stuttgart firm. It is a flat (non vaulted) Iron Cross. The paint on its obverse rates at 95%. The paint is complete, but displays a flaw on the cross’s right arm. The cross is magnetic. Its frame has a fine patina, and its beading is even and consistent. After it was awarded, the Iron Cross was taken to a jeweler, who engraved the information listed below. 22.9 – 3. 11 1915 Karl Schamp Kassel Am Fasahenhof 20 Every engraved Iron Cross is different. This one’s dates of 22 September through 3 November 1915 are rather curious. Perhaps it was a battle in which its recipient participated that led to the Iron Cross’s award? Perhaps it was a period during which two men served together, and one offered the engraving as a gift? Why was the German city of Kassel mentioned? Did Herr Schamp reside in Kassel or was that where the two men knew one another? The line below Herr Schamp’s name is an address in Kassel (confirmed by a quick Google search). [I do not know what kind of building displays that address, but it remains viable more than one-hundred-years later]. Regardless, it is all a bit unusual and provides an interesting mystery. It is a handsome…


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