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prussia - kugelhelm - officer- feldartillerie - with special wappen

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    PRUSSIA – KUGELHELM – OFFICER – FELDARTILLERIE – WITH SPECIAL WAPPEN. Prussian Feldartillerie kugelhelme sported three very different wappen-types that represented three vastly different regiments. The most common of the three wappens was intended for Line-Artillerie Regiments. [It was also shared with Line-Infanterie Regiments]. Its bandeau proclaimed “Mitt Gott Fur Koenig und Vaterland,” with the initials “FR” directly underneath. The second wappen-type was used by Garde-Regiments and featured an impressive Garde Star that was displayed on ALL headdresses used by the various Garde-Regiments. The third wappen-type was used by only FOUR old-line, very elite regiments that were only slightly less prestigious than the Garde-Feldartillerie-Regiments: Feldartillerie-Regiment Prinz August von Preußen Nr 1 (founded in 1772), 1. Pommerisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr 2 (founded in 1808), Feldartillerie-Regiment General Feldzügmeister (1. Brandenburgisches) Nr 3 (founded in 1816), and Feldartillerie-Regiment von Peucker (1. Schlesisches) Nr 6 (founded in 1808). This wappen displayed an oval shield/device that featured the King’s cypher under the bandeau rather than the “FR.” Their low regimental numbers were an indication of their importance, as well as how early they were founded. The helmet’s leather body is in excellent condition. It received superb treatment from its original and successive owners for more than one-hundred years. Its leather is clean, clear, and supple. The beautifully-frosted gilt wappen is a delight to view. Its fire-gilding is excellent. All of the other furniture, including its chin scales, trim, base, officer’s stars, and kugel, is also gilt. The final exterior details are the correct Reich and State…


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