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prussia / nassau - stein - feld-artillerie-regiment nr 27

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    PRUSSIA / NASSAU – STEIN – FELD-ARTILLERIE-REGIMENT Nr 27 It comes from a collector of veterans’ steins who recently passed away. His widow has entrusted us with finding a new home for several of his prized steins. The gentleman had an amazing eye for good quality and only acquired the “best of the best” steins. We have four of his steins in this update and hope to share more with you in the future. The very large and elaborate veteran’s stein was for a soldier who served in 1. Nassauisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr 27 – Batterie Nr 4. The regiment was founded in 1833 and garrisoned at Mainz-Wiesbaden. It was assigned to the XVIII. Armeekorps. Nassau was a Duchy that was founded in 1806. It remained an independent state until 1866, when it fought on the losing side of the Austro-Prussian War and was annexed by Prussia as were the Kingdom of Hannover and the Duchy of Braunschweig. When Nassau was folded into Prussia, she had two Infanterie Regiments and one Artillerie Regiment. These all became Prussian regiments. In 1897, Kaiser Wilhelm granted the two Nassau Infanterie Regiments their Battle of Waterloo bandeaux, (the battle honors worn on the pickelhauben’s wappen of their from their participation at the 1815 battle). As the Artillerie Regiment was not formed until 1833, their kugelhelme wappens remained unadorned. The porcelain stein’s overall height is 12.” A soldier standing beside a cannon adorns the pewter lid. Its thumb device features a rampant crowned lion. An inscription…

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