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prussia - pickelhaube - general

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    Prussia – Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet – General

    SKU: 04-771 XJT


    This is a fine Prussian General’s Pickelhaube that provides an intriguing contrast to the Prussian General à la Suite helmet also offered in this update. The helmet has great eye appeal, with a leather body (skull) that is in good condition, overall. It has a squared front visor rather than a rounded one, as is correct for a General Officer. One area on the right rear section does display some leather-loss. It is actually more of a crack that reveals the material underneath the leather. Another one to one and a half-inch spot appears on the opposite side. Some settling of the crown has occurred at the point where the cruciform is attached, which is a frequent occurrence on helmets that sport large cruciforms……    

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