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prussia - pickelhaube - officer - garde pionier-bataillon

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    PRUSSIA – PICKELHAUBE – OFFICER – GARDE PIONIER-BATAILLON This pickelhaube is a real treat for us, since we have seldom been able to offer Garde Pionier Pickelhauben over the years, particularly in such good condition! First-of-all, the helmet’s body is fiber rather than leather, most-likely dating it to circa 1917. This is revealed by the front visor’s trim, which is made of gray, galvanized metal, as is the back strap’s trim. Once one moves beyond those two metal fittings, the spiked helmet just screams “prewar quality!” The pickelhaube’s wappen is an unbelievably handsome frosted silver. I believe its appearance must be little different from when it was delivered to its first owner. The helmet’s noteworthy Garde Star is extra-clean. I cannot detect dirt in any crevice. The Garde Star’s enamel is perfectly-centered, and its lovely surface exhibits NO cracks or chips. The Garde Pionier Pickelhaube’s chin scales and officer’s stars are brass. The spiked helmet’s base, pearl ring, and spike are all silver. [Incidentally, I cannot remember seeing a taller spike on a Prussian helmet, with the possible exception of a General. This spike’s height would rival that of any Saxon Pickelhaube]! The pickelhaube’s marvelous exterior is capped by the correct Officer’s State’s and Reich’s kokarden. The Garde Pionier Pickelhaube’s interior reveals a perfect, dark-brown sweatband. The spiked helmet’s perfect, ribbed, silk liner is a handsome green, with NO rips, tears, or runs. A small paper tag is pasted underneath the liner, stating that the helmet is a size 57…

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