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prussia - pickelhaube – officer - military administration

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    PRUSSIA – PICKELHAUBE – OFFICER – MILITARY ADMINISTRATION. This is a very fine example of an officer’s pickelhaube for a member of the Prussian Army’s Military Administration. The spiked helmet’s leather body finish is quite handsome. Some settling appears where the cruciform is attached at the helmet’s top. This happens occasionally due to the cruciform, spike, and et cetera’s weight settling into the leather body. Most collectors do not consider this a major problem, but, I wanted to mention it. It is depicted in greater detail in our attached photos. The pickelhaube has a squared visor. At first glance, one might think it comes from a Dragoner-Regiment. I made this mistake until I was recently advised by a very experienced researcher from the U.K. that such was NOT the case. [We send our sincere thanks to GJ for the correction]! I also mistakenly identified the pickelhaube as being for a Dragoner-Regiment’s veterinarian. We always strive to give you a correct description. In many ways, the correction reveals that our helmet is even MORE desirable to collectors. The broad category of “Military Administration” contains several different specialties to which this helmet could belong. Our expert identified several possible positions, which we have listed below. *Technical Official from the War Ministry *Military Intendance Official *Military Justice Official *Official of the General Staff *Military Construction Official *Senior Technical Official of the Military Institute *Apothecary Official Typically, these positions were NOT at the Regimental level. If they were for the General Staff, these officials…

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