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prussia - pickelhaube - reserve officer’s - line dragoner-regiment nrs 7

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  • Prussia – Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet – Reserve Officer – Line Dragoner Rgt 7, 8, 11, 13, and 14 – With Parade Bush and Spike

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    Today we are offering a fine reserve officer’s pickelhaube that would have been suitable for FIVE different Prussian Line Dragoner-Regiments (Nrs 7, 8, 11, 13, and 14). All of them featured gold-toned brass fittings, in contrast to Dragoner-Regiments Nrs 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, and 15, which featured silver-toned fittings. Dragoner Regiments were part of the Prussian Army’s Kavallerie, along with the Husaren, Ulanen, and Küraßiers. The first Prussian Dragoner-Regiment was formed in 1689. Another was formed in 1704. More were formed in the early 19th Century during the Napoleonic Wars. The bulk of the line Kavallerie Regiments were formed around 1860, prior to the 1864 Danish-Prussian, the 1866 Austro-Prussian, and the 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian Wars……     By the time the Franco-Prussian War arrived, it was becoming evident that the cavalry’s future in modern warfare would be limited. This was partially due to bolt action rifles that permitted more accurate, rapid firing than the old muzzle-loaders, and other advances in artillery. The situation was further heightened by the introduction of machine guns late in the 19th Century, which rendered cavalrymen equally as tasty targets as the infantry. During WW I’s early months, the cavalry’s role was quickly reduced, since charges against entrenched positions became futile. At best, the cavalrymen were used as scouts, or more often dismounted to fight in the trenches alongside the infantry. Their horses were sent home, used to move artillery, or (later) eaten. The era for the cavalry had ended. The helmet’s leather body is high-quality,…

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