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prussia - schirmmÜtze - officer’s - feldgrau - garde-kÜraßier-regiment

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    PRUSSIA – SCHIRMMÜTZE – OFFICER’S – FELDGRAU – GARDE-KÜRAßIER-REGIMENT. This is a consignment item. Today we are offering you a high-quality feldgrau Garde-Küraßier-Regiment Officer’s Schirmmütze. [We actually sold this visor cap to a longtime headdress collector several years back. He now has entrusted us to pass it onto another collector’s home]. The Garde-Küraßier-Regiment was founded in 1815 and garrisoned in Berlin. Its Regimental Chef (Chief) was Kaiser Wilhelm II. Just like the Regiment des Gardes du Corps, the Garde-Küraßier-Regiment also wore Hohenzollern Eagle-topped metal helmets for full dress occasions. This meant a Garde-Regiment was kept in Potsdam (Garde du Corps), as well as in Berlin (Garde-Küraßier-Regiment). Both regiments were a part of the Garde-Korps. Küraßier-Regiments were considered heavy cavalry and wore metal breastplates in combat during the 18th and early 19th Centuries. After the Napoleonic Wars, breastplates were used more for ceremonial occasions instead of combat. A küraß could deflect a sword slash, but not a gunshot. The advent of modern firearms rendered these regiments troopers and their officers easy targets, and their küraßes offered little protection. The cap’s body is made of high-quality feldgrau wool. A wide blue trim band that measures 1 ¾” in width encircles the cap, which is accented above and below it by two white bands of piping. Another white band of piping encircles the Schirmmütze’s top. The cap sports a black brim as well as an officer’s Prussian and Reich’s kokarden. The interior reveals a fine white leather sweatband. A white visor is also…

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