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prussia - shoulder board - generalmajor a.d. - schutztruppen - m 1915

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    Today we are offering a shoulder board that is very rare on several levels. First, it is an M-1915 shoulder board intended for a feldgrau tunic. Second, it is for a Generalmajor a.D., which signified he was a General Officer in retirement. [The Imperial German Army commonly promoted an officer up one grade upon his retirement, which allowed him to receive a greater pension AND the prestige of a higher rank]. Third, and perhaps most important, it is for a General in the Schutztruppen. The Schutztruppen were primarily found in Imperial Germany’s colonial holdings, German East and Southwest Africa, and China, as well as the SeeBataillon. So for all of these reasons, this piece is a very rare bird. The oversized shoulder board measures 2 ½” x 4 ¾.” The shoulder board features the typical Russian rope bullion: two ropes of gold bullion separated by one subdued silver bullion rope. The silver bullion rope features large black chevrons that confirm its status as a Prussian shoulder board. Some smaller chevrons appear on the gold bullion. The shoulder board’s reverse has a red felt underlay, as well as a tab that allows the shoulder board to slip onto a tunic. This is a very exciting and rare shoulder board, the first we have ever seen.

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