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prussia - shoulder board - oberleutnant - m-1888 grenadier-regiment nr 12

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    PRUSSIA – SHOULDER BOARD – OBERLEUTNANT – M-1888 GRENADIER-REGIMENT NR 12. Today we are offering a single M-1888 Grenadier-Regiment Prinz Karl von Preußen (2. Brandenburgisches) Nr 12 Oberleutnant’s shoulder board. This regiment was raised in 1813 during the Napoleonic Wars. It was garrisoned at Frankfurt a. O. and assigned to the Prussian III. Armeekorps. The shoulder board measures 4” x 1.5.” It bears the regimental designation “12,” and an Oberleutnant’s single pip. One can also see the surface’s color difference where a button once held the shoulder board down. This area did not age at the same rate as the rest of it. The board’s reverse displays the traditional, red-felt backing. We also note that the shoulder board is of the sewn-in variety rather than a slip on. It is fine representation of an elite Prussian and German infantry regiment that saw significant action in numerous wars. The shoulder board is in very fine condition. PLEASE NOTE: this very shoulder board is featured on Page 68 of the brilliant reference book by Michael Kelso, Under Arms for the Kaiser: Shoulder Insignia of the Imperial German Army Regiments 1871-1918. The book is simply amazing and touches on an area of the hobby that has NOT been adequately addressed. It is an important reference that should be considered, even if your primary interest is NOT shoulder boards and epaulettes.


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