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prussia - shoulder boards - major's -1. garde-regiment zu fuß  m-1915

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    PRUSSIA – SHOULDER BOARDS – MAJOR’S -1. GARDE-REGIMENT ZU FUß  M-1915. These shoulder boards come from the MOST elite of all Imperial German Infanterie Regiments, the 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß, which was founded in 1688. It was garrisoned in Potsdam, along with the Prussian Army’s most elite regiments. Like all Garde-Regiments, it was assigned to the Garde-Korps AND the 1. Garde-Division. A Major from this regiment was either a Bataillon Kommandeur or on the Regimental staff as the Regimental Kommandeur’s deputy. These M-1915 shoulder boards were worn on a feldgrau tunic. They measure 1 ¾” x 4.” The subdued-silver, rope-like surface sports alternating rows of black and white chevrons that confirm its status as a Prussian Regiment. The silver bullion extends out slightly past the shoulder boards’ edges. This silver trim is mounted on a white underlay that serves as the shoulder boards’ reverse cover. Feldgrau straps are attached to the white material, allowing the shoulder boards to slip onto a tunic. The shoulder boards are in excellent condition and would make a fine addition to any collection.

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