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prussia - tschapka - officer - ulanen-regiment nr 14

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    Prussia – Tschapka – Officer – Ulanen Rgt NR 14

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    Very special officer’s Tschapka from one of the Imperial German Army’s most elite Ulanen-Regiments. In fact, it is the MOST prestigious Tschapka we have ever presented on our website! It represents Prussia’s 2. Hannoversches Ulanen-Regiment Nr 14, which was garrisoned at St. Avold-Mörchingen. Founded in 1805 during the midst of the Napoleonic Wars, it was attached to the XVI. Armeekorps. While nominally a Prussian regiment, its roots stretched back to the Kingdom of Hannover. Hannover was absorbed into Prussia after it chose to align with the losing side during the 1866 Austro-Prussian War. Nevertheless, the Hanoverian tradition remained strong within all of its regiments after their assimilation into the Prussian Army……  

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