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prussia - tunic - nco - garde-fÜsilier-regiment

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    PRUSSIA – TUNIC – NCO – GARDE-FÜSILIER-REGIMENT. This is an NCO’s Garde-Füsilier-Regiment tunic. [The latter was a very elite Prussian Infanterie Regiment that was founded in 1826 and garrisoned in Berlin. As with all Garde-Regiments, it was attached to the Garde-Korps]. The prewar, dark-blue tunic features a thin line of red piping that serves as trim down its center. The eight gold-toned buttons that secure the uniform’s closure also run down its center. The tunic’s collar sports a red felt base outlined across its top by a length of gold-and-silver-patterned bullion tape. Two white, cotton, collar-litzen ribbons (each accented by a red line of thread in its center) are placed below the gold bullion tape on either collar side. A small, gold-toned button secures each of the tunic’s two yellow shoulder straps to its shoulders. The straps do NOT display any regimental designation, a clear indication that it the tunic as hailing from the Garde-Füsilier-Regiment. The lack of Kompagnie numbers on the shoulder straps’ buttons is our first clue that it is a privately-purchased tunic. [This is not surprising when one combines the regiment’s elite reputation with its owner’s status as an NCO]. The tunic’s red felt cuffs are edged with the same gold-and-silver bullion tape as the tunic’s collar. The collar’s two white collar-litzen are also echoed on the cuffs, although these ribbons are shorter, wider, and appear in a position that is perpendicular to the bullion tape. Each of the latter boasts a gold-toned button at the point…

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