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saxe-weimar - pickelhaube - officer - infanterie-regiment nr 94

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    SAXE-WEIMAR – PICKELHAUBE – OFFICER – INFANTERIE-REGIMENT Nr 94 This is a very rare officer’s pickelhaube from the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar. This duchy raised only one Infanterie Regiment, which was officially designated as Infanterie Großherzog von Sachsen (5. Thüringisches) Nr 94. The regiment was raised in 1762, making it one of the older regiments in the German army. This helmet, in addition to being very scarce, is also in fine condition. The helmet’s leather is in very good shape and retains a good finish. While the wappen and chin scales are gilt, the other fittings (with the exception of the gilt officers stars) are silver. The spike exhibits a lot of tarnish. The wappen appears to be a standard Prussian officer’s, until you look in the center of the eagle’s chest and you see the device of Saxe-Weimar. The original state and Reich’s kokarden are both in place. The interior of the helmet shows very light wear to the leather sweatband and has a very unusual silk liner. We can also see under the liner that this is size “57” (a bit larger than normal) helmet. Overall, it is a very delightful example of this uncommon spiked helmet.

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