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saxony - dress tunic - generalleutnant's - pre world war i

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    This is an absolutely stunning pre WW I Saxon Army Generalleutnant’s dress tunic. It is one of the “dunkel-blau” (dark-blue) types that preceded feldgrau. A striking differentiation between this General’s tunic and those of other German states is made by the buttons. The Saxon General Officer’s buttons that run down the tunic’s center front, the sleeves, the vent area in the rear, and even on the shoulder boards are unique to Saxony. They are quite elaborate, and far more gorgeous than any other button you will ever see. Eight of the gilt buttons adorn the tunic’s front. Two are sewn over the gold bullion kragenspiegel decorating each sleeve. Four more of these magnificent buttons serve as an accent around the vent on the tunic’s reverse. Finally, a smaller button appears on each dress (banjo-style) shoulder board. (These are smaller than the other fourteen buttons). The tunic’s fine wool fabric is in excellent plus condition. A single pair of vertical, sewn-in loops are on the left breast. It can accommodate a breast star or other award. Then a set of horizontal loops appears for a very extensive ribbon or medal bar (the width is 6″). As previously stated, the bullion on the sleeves is gold. On the collar, a pair of standard General’s kragenspiegel appears in matching gold bullion. The dress shoulder boards, which are attached to the tunic, are nothing short of stunning. A single pip shows on each for the rank of Generalleutnant. A Generalleutnant compares to a Major…

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