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saxony - pickelhaube - offizier’s - kÖnigl. sÄchs. 1. leib-grenadier-regiment nr 100 - with parade bush

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    SAXONY – PICKELHAUBE – OFFIZIER’S – KÖNIGL. SÄCHS. 1. LEIB-GRENADIER-REGIMENT NR 100 – WITH PARADE BUSH The Imperial German Army had several elite Infanterie Regiments that were considered the crème de la crème infantry contingents that they fielded. Other elite regiments that also boasted unique pickelhauben are listed below. Prussia – 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß. Braunschweig – Infanterie-Regiment Nr 92. Baden – 1. Badisches Leib-Grenadier-Regiment Nr 109. Hesse-Darmstadt – Leibgarde-Infanterie-Regiment (1. Großherzogl. Hessisches ) Nr 115. Württemberg – Grenadier-Regiment Königin Olga (1. Württembergisches) Nr 119. Bavaria – Infanterie-Leib-Regiment. The subject of our offering today is a fine Offizier’s Königl. Sächs 1. Leib-Grenadier-Regiment Nr 100 Pickelhaube from the Kingdom of Saxony. While perhaps not as showy as some of the other pickelhauben that display enamel highlights, this pickelhaube is very different in an understated and elegant way. The high-quality spiked helmet’s leather body is in very fine condition. Its leather is quite handsome and supple. The wappen consists of a silver sunburst with Saxony’s golden Coat-of-Arms in its center. It is the opposite of Saxon Line-Regiments’ golden sunburst against a silver Coat-of-Arms. Also, ALL of its furniture is silver, where a Line-Regiments is gold, including the correct flat chin scales for Infanterie Pickelhauben, the spike base, the officers’ stars, trim, and so on. The helmet comes with a straight, silver trichter to which a full and beautiful parade bush has been mounted. The bush is VERY full. We curry-combed it a bit so that it just flows over all the helmet’s…

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