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saxony - pickelhaube - reserve senior nco - infanterie

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    SAXONY – PICKELHAUBE – RESERVE SENIOR NCO – INFANTERIE This is a marvelous Saxon line-infantry regiment Senior NCO’s pickelhaube. Its fine leather body is of the highest-quality and condition. All of its furniture is brass, with the exception of the wappen’s center. The latter features a brass sunburst inset with a reserve cross on a silver-toned Saxon Coat-of-Arms. We can tell that this is not an officer’s wappen because the crown is closed, not open. The brass chin scales’ superior quality and condition are extremely impressive, as is the non removable spike (shorter than the ordinarily tall Saxon spikes). The rear brass fitting is not flush against the leather body, which causes it to stand out just a bit. The exterior’s final features are lovely Officers’ Saxon-pattern Reich’s and State’s kokarden. Five Imperial German states (Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Württemberg, and Saxony) employed this particular kokarde pattern instead of the usual Prussian pattern. The helmet’s interior displays a moderately-used dark-brown leather sweatband, and a rust-colored silk liner. The liner has seen more use and wear than the sweatband, exhibiting evidence of perspiration. The barest signs of shredding/running are also visible. Under the silk liner we see NO evidence of double holes. Nearly all of the original hardware is present, although one of the four clips at the top is missing. The latter does NOT affect the helmet’s integrity (that is why four of the clips are in place). This is a rock-solid, high-quality pickelhaube in first-rate condition. The fact that it…

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