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saxony - shoulder board - generalmajor

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    This is a single Saxon Army generalmajor’s shoulder board in fine condition. Prior to WW I, a generalmajor typically commanded a Brigade, which consisted of three or more regiments. During WW I, it was common to find a generalmajor commanding a full Division. This is a prewar (pre-feldgrau) shoulder board. It measures 4 7/8″ x 1 7/8.” It has the gold and silver bullion ropes commonly referred to as “Russian.” The silver bullion ropes display green chevrons, which confirm it is Saxon. The shoulder board is slightly rounded, meaning it actually was worn on a tunic. (I like to see a shoulder board that saw some action). As is correct for a generalmajor’s shoulder board, it displays NO rank pips (a generalmajor was the most junior general officer). Also, its obverse sports a gilt-toned button that is secured on the reverse by a straight pin. The reverse sports a red backing. We can also see it is a slip-on shoulder board, which is typical for a general officer. Some sort of white material also appears on the reverse under the slip-on attachment’s strap. Overall, the shoulder board is in very clean condition.

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