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shoulder strap - prussia - enlisted man/nco - jÄger zu pferde regiment nr 2

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    SHOULDER STRAP – PRUSSIA – ENLISTED MAN/NCO – JÄGER ZU PFERDE REGIMENT NR 2. Jäger zu Pferde regiments were created in 1905. Thirteen total regiments (all Prussian) were created, the last in 1913. Jäger zu Pferde members were considered “hunters on horse.” They wore a metal helmet similar in design to those of the Küraßiers. Although they did not wear the Küraßiers’ breastplates, they were considered heavy cavalry. In reality, even when the first Jäger zu Pferde regiment was created in 1905, the cavalry had been rendered obsolete and useless by the new machine guns. [This was proven true during WW I’s early days on both the Eastern and Western Fronts. Cavalry units were first limited to scouting, then ultimately served as dismounted infantry fighting in the trenches beside their infantry brethren. Their horses were relegated to moving artillery pieces about on the field]. This is a single shoulder strap for an enlisted man/NCO who served in Jäger zu Pferde Regiment Nr 2. The regiment was founded in 1905 and headquartered at Langensalza. It was attached to the Prussian XI. Armeekorps. The shoulder strap measures 5 ” x ” x 2 .” The surface of the strap is green. The regimental designation (“2”) is chain stitched in red. The strap is edged in red as well. The reverse is also green. The shoulder board appears on page 340 of Under Arms for the Kaiser: Shoulder Insignia of the German Army’s Regiments 1871-1918, by Michael A. Kelso. The shoulder strap is…

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