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statue presented to wahlstatt military school’s headmaster.

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    STATUE PRESENTED TO WAHLSTATT MILITARY SCHOOL’S HEADMASTER. This is a statue that was given to the military school headmaster at Wahlstatt, which was located in Eastern Prussia. Wahlstatt was one of several junior military schools around Germany. When its students graduated and wanted to pursue a military career, they would go to Lichterfelde, Germany’s primary military academy located in Berlin. The statue shows a young cadet standing in his school uniform. The statue stands 16″ tall overall, is 5″ wide, and 3 ½” deep. The statue itself measures 11″ in height, while its wooden base measures 5″ in height. On the statue’s front just below the cadet is a plaque that reads: “Dem scheidenden Oberlehrer Dr. Ronneburger die Offiziere u. Lehrer des Kadettenhauses Wahlstatt 1. 10. 05.-31. 3. 10.” [For the departing head teacher Dr. Ronneburger from the officers and teachers of the Wahlstatt Cadet Houses]. Please remember the above dates, as they will become very important a bit later]. On the base of the statue itself is the name “Willi Klein – Kolnar – 1909,” (probably the sculptor). Also seen is the firm that produced the statue, “C. Rakenius & Co. – Berlin.” When I first saw this statue, I will be honest and say that I was not overly impressed with it. I generally try to offer you statues of famous royal or military figures. Sometimes I will offer a statue of a military officer who is being honored by other officers under his command on the occasion…

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