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u.s. / germany - newspaper - photo - badge - framed - zeppelin collage

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    This is a marvelous framed collage of items that relate to zeppelins. A total of four items appear in the collage. They range in dates from 1917 to 1937. I will describe the four items chronologically. 1) Photograph of Navy Zeppelin L53. The L53 also held the production number of LZ 100. It was launched on 8 August 1917. During its service, it flew nineteen reconnaissance missions and four bombing missions over England. It was shot down over England on 11 August 1918 by a Royal Naval Air Service Lieutenant flying a Sopwith Camel. The photo, which measures 6 7/8″ x 4 1/8,” shows the L 53 as she is rolled out of her hanger. The zeppelin’s stern appears in the photograph. 2) Graf Zeppelin World Flight Badge from 1929. A wide variety of badges were produced, covering a great assortment of zeppelin badges like this. Some were world flight badges and others were more regionalized. The badge measures 1 3/4″ in diameter. The edge proclaims “Graf Zeppelin Weltflug 1929.” The badge’s center shows the Graf Zeppelin in profile. She is superimposed over a blue and green map of the world. While it cannot be seen, these had a pin on the reverse. They are VERY prized by collectors. 3) Newspaper clipping from 19 October 1933. The clipping comes from a newspaper in Hanover. The headline reads“Deutsche Zeppeline über York.” The article deals with zeppelins that flew over and bombed York in England during WW I. At the end of…

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