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wÜrttemberg - mÜtze - enlisted man - artellerie - private purchase

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    WÜRTTEMBERG – MÜTZE – ENLISTED MAN – ARTELLERIE – PRIVATE PURCHASE Today we offer a fine MÜTZE for an enlisted man in an artillery regiment from the Kingdom of WÜRTTEMBERG. This is a particularly interesting example as it was privately purchased as opposed to being issued from the army depot. This resulted in a mütze that was made from better materials and was not issued and reissued to multiple men. It would also have been better cared for as this man paid for it with his own funds. It is constructed of a fine dark blue wool. There are three red narrow trim bands. There is a wide black band which represents artillery regiments. Also, in the front we see kokarden for the Reich and Württemberg. Inside the mütze, we see a quality brown leather sweatband. The silk liner has the name of the purveyor who was located in Ulm. We also see the coat of arms for Württemberg. The exterior condition is also quite nice. This is a top quality example. This is a consignment item. For More Mutzes Click Here FOR THE LATEST UPDATES FOLLOW US ON FB

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