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wÜrttemberg - pickelhaube - army - zahlmeister

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    WÜRTTEMBERG – PICKELHAUBE – ARMY – ZAHLMEISTER The Zahlmeister (Paymaster) played an important role in every regiment. These officers and assistants handled the regiment’s payroll functions. A special box was entrusted to the Zahlmeister and his assistants, so that they could count out each regiment member’s pay on the appropriate day. Each man received his due, based on his rank and time in service. The helmet’s leather body sports a fine finish, overall. Some light spidering shows on one of the helmet’s rear quarters, but is of little consequence to the helmet’s overall condition. It sports the squared-front-visor traditional to Württemberg officers’ helmets. The helmet’s furniture, including the wappen, the cruciform, the (rounded) chin scales, the spike, and the trim, is all silver-toned. The wappen is especially handsome, with a fine, frosted-silver finish. The cruciform’s, pearl ring’s, and spike’s patinas are especially handsome. The officers’ stars, however, are gold (normal for a Zahlmeister’s pickelhaube, to show contrast). Inside the helmet, instead of a silk liner, we find the leather liner more commonly found on enlisted men/NCO’s liner. This spiked helmet is in excellent condition, with all its leather tongues present and the sizing thong attached. It is a lovely helmet, in amazing condition.


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