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wÜrttemberg - pickelhaube - infanterie - reserve officer

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    We are pleased to share with you a spiked helmet for a reserve officer in a Württemberg line-infantry regiment. The pickelhaube sports a very high quality leather body in above-average condition. It has a few minor flaws, but no major issues. As is correct for Württemberg helmets, the front visor is squared (similar to those found on its next-door neighbor Bavaria’s helmets). As with Bavarian pickelhauben, it displays a large cruciform rather than Prussia’s smaller style. The larger cruciform causes some settling to the helmet’s crown, which is perfectly normal in a helmet that is more than one-hundred-years-old. All of its fittings are gilt, including the wappen, chin scales (flat), cruciform, officers’ stars, spike, and trim. The reserve officer’s cross is silver-toned for contrast. The correct state and Reich’s kokarden are in place. The pickelhaube’s interior is equally handsome. The light-brown leather sweatband is in place and has seen mild use. The silk liner is an unusual brown silk. All of the original hardware appears underneath the silk liner. Furthermore, no double holes are present. This is a fine helmet that would make a worthy addition to your collection. At Der Rittmeister Militaria, we strive to bring you the best in spiked helmets, or pickelhauben (plural for pickelhaube), one of Imperial German Militaria’s most interesting areas for collecting. While ORIGINALITY and AUTHENTICITY are of prime importance, please do not forget Der Rittmeister’s commitment to CONDITION and QUALITY. In this regard, we take special pride in offering you spiked helmets whose…

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