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wÜrttemberg - pickelhaube - officer - dragoner-regiment nr 25

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    WÜRTTEMBERG – PICKELHAUBE – OFFICER – DRAGONER-REGIMENT Nr 25 We are very pleased to be able to offer a fine example of an officer’s pickelhaube that would have been correct for Württemberg Dragoner-Regiment Nr 25. This was one of two dragoon regiments in the Kingdom of Württemberg’s army. This regiment was raised in 1813 and garrisoned at Ludwigsburg. The helmet has a pleasing leather body and the squared front visor typical for a dragoon regiment. The wappen and furniture for this helmet are silver, except for the officer’s stars and the chin scales, which are gilt. The wappen is particularly handsome, with a frosted finish and gentle toning. Württemberg’s Lion and Stag stand out most handsomely on this wappen, with the Württemberg Coat-of-Arms between them. The silver of the cruciform and spike are very attractive, with a superb patina. Both the state and Reich’s kokarden are present. The Württemberg kokarde is quite similar in style, if not in color, to the Saxon kokarde. [ I particularly admire the helmet’s chin scales as they are set against the other silver fittings. They seem to jump out at the observer]. Inside a gently-used leather sweatband and a green silk liner appear. Under the liner we see that this is a size “57” helmet. All of the fittings are in lovely condition under the silk liner, with no extra holes for the wappen’s installation. This is a very pleasing example of a difficult-to-find spiked helmet for a well known regiment.

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