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wÜrttemberg - pickelhaube - officer - infanterie line-regiment

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    WÜRTTEMBERG – PICKELHAUBE – OFFICER – INFANTERIE LINE-REGIMENT Today we are offering a fine example of an Infanterie line-regiment officer’s pickelhaube from the Kingdom of Württemberg. This is a fine pre war example that would be appropriate for Infanterie-Regiment Nr’s 120, 121, 122, 124, 125, 126, 127, and 180. These eight regiments were among the ten Württemberg Infanterie regiments that existed prior to the big military expansion just before WW I. The helmet’s body is quite handsome, with a fine exterior finish. The leather is well-maintained, quite supple, and relatively problem-free. The left rear quarter shows one inch-long scratch. [Also, please note that its front visor is squared, which is quite unusual for an Infanterie helmet. Only Bavaria shared this trait]. All of the furniture is gilt, including the trim, wappen, chin scales, spike, officers’ stars, etc. The state and Reich’s kokarden are present. Inside the helmet we find a fine leather sweatband, and a complete silk liner. The liner is light-copper in color. It is of the smooth variety (not seen as often as ribbed silk), which is complete but show some “running.” All of the original hardware appears under the silk liner, with no signs of double holes where the wappen is attached. This is a well-put-together, very complete spiked helmet. Finding one this original and in such good condition is getting harder and harder.

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