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The Significance of Collecting and Preserving Germany's Colonial Award Documents and Kolonialauszeichnung Badge

Written by: Alore Arrington, Chief Spokesperson

Germany's colonial history is a complex and often controversial topic. However, the history of Germany's colonies and their impact on the world should not be ignored or forgotten. One of the ways in which we can remember and honor this history is by collecting and preserving the artifacts and documents related to it. In particular, the Colonial Award Document and Kolonialauszeichnung Badge are two such items that are significant and should be preserved.

The Colonial Award Document was created in 1900 to honor those who had served in Germany's colonies. It was given to both military and civilian personnel who had served in German East Africa, German Southwest Africa, and German New Guinea. The document was a way to recognize and reward those who had contributed to Germany's colonial efforts. It included a description of the recipient's service, their name, rank, and unit, and was signed by the Emperor Wilhelm II.

The Kolonialauszeichnung Badge, or Colonial Service Award, was introduced in 1907. It was given to those who had served in Germany's colonies for a minimum of three years. The badge was made of bronze and featured an eagle with spread wings, holding a laurel wreath in its talons. The eagle was surrounded by a circular oak leaf wreath, and the words "für koloniale Verdienste" (for colonial merit) were inscribed below.

These items are important historical artifacts that tell the story of Germany's colonial past. They are a tangible link to the people who served in Germany's colonies and the efforts made by Germany to expand its empire. Collecting and preserving these items is crucial to ensuring that this history is not lost or forgotten.

It is important to remember that these items are not meant to glorify or condone the actions of Germany during its colonial period. Rather, they serve as a reminder of the past and the lessons that can be learned from it. By preserving these artifacts, we can ensure that future generations have access to a tangible piece of history and a greater understanding of Germany's colonial past.


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