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1914 Iron Cross 1st Class in Original Presentation Case and Cardboard Shipping Carton - Named to the Original Recipient

1914 Iron Cross 1st Class in Original Presentation Case and Cardboard Shipping Carton - Named to the Original Recipient

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Discover a rare piece of history with this remarkable 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class, preserved in its original presentation case and accompanied by the cardboard shipping carton. This unique set offers a glimpse into the past when military awards were carefully housed and protected. Priced at just $895.00 (previously $1,295.00), this piece holds a place of honor in any collector's heart.

A Unique Presentation: When a 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class was awarded, it came housed in a leatherette presentation case. The case was then carefully packaged in a cardboard carton, a step that added a layer of protection to the prestigious decoration during shipping. The carton not only described the contents but also advised that it was to be opened exclusively by the recipient. It was common for many recipients to discard the cardboard box and even the presentation case, choosing to pin the Iron Cross directly to their uniform. This makes the survival of both the case and carton exceptionally uncommon.

The Contents: Within the case, you will find the 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class. While there is some loss of the original paint, approximately 75%-80% of it remains intact. The reverse of the Iron Cross bears a hallmark for "KO," the Stuttgart-based firm responsible for producing Iron Crosses for the German military. The lid of the case is adorned with a gold outline of the Iron Cross. The case itself is crafted from black leatherette, with the upper half lined in white silk and the lower half in luxurious purple velvet, complete with a fitted space for the pin. The button closure on the case functions as intended.

The Cardboard Carton: Turning to the cardboard carton, you'll find a paper label that reads:

  • Eisernes Kreuz
  • 1. Klasse
  • Nur von dem Beliehenen zu offnen

A red and black seal was originally affixed over the flap to secure the presentation case and Iron Cross. This seal has been neatly cut to allow access.

A Personal Connection: What truly sets this combination apart is the identification of the original owner. In pencil, you will discover the recipient's name and rank on one line, followed by the name of his Bavarian unit on the next two lines. The final line records the date of the award, which was November 1, 1915. This early award, just fifteen months into the Great War, adds an extra layer of historical significance.

Exceptional Condition: Considering that this set is over a century old, its overall condition is exceptional. The cardboard carton, in particular, is in the best condition we have ever seen. The paint loss on the Iron Cross suggests extensive field use under challenging conditions, making it a tangible relic of the past.

A Collector's Gem: Please note that this item is being sold on consignment. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of history that not only embodies valor and honor but also carries a personal connection to its original recipient. This combination of the Iron Cross, presentation case, and cardboard carton is a collector's gem and a testament to the bravery of those who served during World War I.

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