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Derrittmeister Militaria

1914 Iron Cross Patriotic Pin

1914 Iron Cross Patriotic Pin

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Capture the essence of early wartime sentiment with our 1914 Iron Cross Patriotic Pin, a unique and historically rich. This pin stands out for its distinctive oval shape, framing an Iron Cross with the date 1915 and the powerful message "Gott Strafe England" or "May God Punish England."

Crafted with precision, the pin features a decorative frame of oak leaves, adding an extra touch of symbolism to this poignant piece. Despite its horizontal message, the oval shape sets this patriotic pin apart from others of its time. The reverse side is equipped with a secure pin for attachment.

Measuring .75 X .5 INCHES, this badge is an excellent condition, preserving the historical significance and craftsmanship of the era. Whether you're a collector or a history enthusiast, this 1914 Iron Cross Patriotic Pin is a unique addition that reflects the sentiments of the time.

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