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Anhalt Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Officer in Infanterie Rgt 93

Anhalt Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Officer in Infanterie Rgt 93

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We are thrilled to present a pickelhaube from the Duchy of Anhalt, which is now available on our website

This stunning helmet belonged to an officer of Anhaltisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr 93, which was founded in 1807 and assigned to the IV. Armeekorps. Crafted with a leather body, this pickelhaube boasts an impressive exterior with gold-toned chin scales, trim, base, officers’ stars, and a tall spike. Its wappen is especially noteworthy, displaying a silver sunburst containing a crowned shield with an “A” in its center, superimposed over a gilt-fired gold eagle. The officers' State’s and Reich’s kokarden also adorn the helmet's exterior. While there are minor ripples on the helmet's right side, the overall condition is excellent. Its interior features a lightly-used, brown, leather sweatband attached to a ribbed, rust-colored silk liner that is in fine condition. Notably, the helmet is one of the largest spiked helmets we have encountered, with the size "58 ½" penciled on its interior.

For those interested in owning a unique piece of history, this original pickelhaube would make a fantastic addition to any collection. Visit our website at to learn more and to browse our extensive collection of antique militaria.

Anhaltisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr 93 was a regiment in the Prussian Army, which was founded in 1807 during the Napoleonic Wars. The regiment was assigned to the IV. Armeekorps and had three battalions. Bataillone Nrs 1 and 3 were garrisoned in Dessau, while Bataillon Nr 2 was based at Zerbst.

The regiment served in various conflicts, including the Napoleonic Wars, the Franco-Prussian War, and World War I. During World War I, the regiment fought on the Western Front and was involved in the battles of the Marne, Ypres, and the Somme. Today, the regiment is commemorated through various historical associations and museums, which aim to preserve its history and legacy. One such organization is the Anhaltisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr 93 Association, which hosts events and exhibits related to the regiment's history.

To learn more about Anhaltisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr 93 and its rich history, you can visit the following links:

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