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Autographed Postcard - General v. Zwehl

Autographed Postcard - General v. Zwehl

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Step into the grandeur of Imperial Germany with this remarkable Autographed Postcard featuring General v. Zwehl. This rare and captivating postcard captures the essence of military leadership in full parade uniform, adorned with the authentic signature of a distinguished figure.

The postcard portrays General v. Zwehl standing tall in his resplendent parade uniform, radiating authority and prestige. His signature, meticulously inscribed onto the card, adds a personal touch and elevates its historical significance.

General v. Zwehl was an influential figure in Imperial Germany's military hierarchy, commanding respect and admiration for his leadership and strategic acumen. This autographed postcard serves as a tangible link to his contributions and legacy, offering a glimpse into the pomp and grandeur of German military tradition.

This autographed postcard is a rare and highly coveted artifact, prized by collectors and enthusiasts of German military memorabilia. Its authenticity and association with a prominent military leader make it a valuable addition to any collection.

Postcards were a popular form of communication and commemoration during the early 20th century, offering a glimpse into the lives of individuals and events of historical significance. As a cherished relic of Imperial Germany's military history, this autographed postcard provides a window into the world of General v. Zwehl, preserving his memory for future generations.


Johann Hans von Zwehl was born in 1851. He joined the military in 1870 and participated in the Franco-Prussian War where he received the Iron Cross (2nd Class). After the war he stayed in the military and rose through the ranks. In 1899 he became an Oberst and three years later was named commander of 30th Infantry Brigade. In 1902 he was promoted to Generalmajor. Four years later, he became Generalleutnant and commander of the 13th Division. He retired from the army in 1909.[1]

Von Zwehl was brought out of his retirement when World War I began and was assigned to lead the VII Reserve Corps, which was part of the 2nd Army. He was involved in, and eventually led, the Siege of Maubeuge. He received the French surrender and was awarded with the prestigious Pour le Mérite on 8 September 1914.[2] In September 1915 his corps was transferred to the 5th Army and was deployed in the Battle of Verdun. It suffered serious losses throughout the year-long campaign, and von Zwehl was released from command in December. He served as Military Governor of Antwerp until the end of the war. He also received the oak leaves of the Pour le Merite on 8 September 1917. On 25 November 1918, Zwehl retired from the army.[2] Von Zwehl wrote about military history and continued to write after the war, also being Erich von Falkenhayn's authorized biographer. He died in 1926.[1]

As you admire this autographed postcard, let it serve as a poignant reminder of the honor and prestige of those who served their country with distinction in the esteemed ranks of Imperial Germany's military elite.

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