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Autographed Postcard of General der Infanterie Oskar von Hutier

Autographed Postcard of General der Infanterie Oskar von Hutier

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General der Infanterie Oskar von Hutier (1857-1934) was a renowned officer in the Imperial German Army, famous for his innovative tactics during World War I. Von Hutier is best known for his use of infiltration tactics, which were later dubbed "Hutier tactics," significantly contributing to the German successes on the Eastern and Western Fronts.

This autographed postcard features a distinguished portrait of General von Hutier, depicted in his formal military attire with his iconic Pickelhaube helmet. The detailed sketch captures his stern expression and the elaborate decorations on his uniform, reflecting his high rank and esteemed military career. The reverse side of the postcard includes a handwritten note and signature by von Hutier, dated 14 May 1919, offering a personal glimpse into his post-war correspondence.

The postcard, a rare and valuable collectible, is in excellent condition, preserving the historical significance and personal touch of one of Germany's most innovative military leaders.

  • Historical Relevance: General der Infanterie Oskar von Hutier, known for his "Hutier tactics" during WWI
  • Awards: Various military decorations depicted in the portrait
  • Appearance: Full military uniform with Pickelhaube helmet, stern expression
  • Condition: Excellent, handwritten note and signature on the reverse

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Cultural Connection: The tactical innovations of General von Hutier are often studied in military history courses and depicted in various historical documentaries and strategy games. His contributions to modern warfare tactics remain a subject of interest for historians and military enthusiasts.

Condition Notes: The postcard is in excellent condition, featuring a bold signature and detailed handwritten note. The historical context and personal inscription make it a valuable piece for collectors of WWI memorabilia.

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