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Autographed Postcard of Rudolph Bodo Hans von Kirbach - Pour le Mérite Winner - Saxony

Autographed Postcard of Rudolph Bodo Hans von Kirbach - Pour le Mérite Winner - Saxony

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Rudolph Bodo Hans von Kirbach (1849-1928) was a senior commander in the Saxon army, distinguished by his long and illustrious military career. Von Kirbach entered the army in 1863 and served in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871, where he was decorated with the 1870 Iron Cross 2nd Class. His service in various field and staff roles, including as an adjutant to the King of Saxony, showcased his dedication and skill.

Promoted to Generalmajor in 1897, Generalleutnant in 1904, and General der Artillerie in 1907, von Kirbach commanded the Saxon XIX Armeekorps before retiring in 1913. With the outbreak of World War I, he returned to active service, commanding the Saxon XII Reserve Armeekorps on the Western Front. He played a significant role in major battles such as the First Battle of the Marne, the First Battle of Champagne, the Battle of the Somme, and Passchendaele from 1914-1917. In January 1918, he was promoted to Generaloberst and transferred to the Eastern Front to command an Armee.

Von Kirbach's numerous awards and decorations from various German states and Central Powers highlight his valor and leadership. He was awarded the Orden Pour le Mérite in August 1916, a prestigious honor reflecting his exceptional service.

This NPG postcard, Nr 5166, depicts von Kirbach in a pre-World War I litewka, with the Military Order of St. Henry 1st Class for Commander at his throat, predating his award of the Pour le Mérite. He is seen holding his officer cap in his left hand, with his name and rank prominently displayed. The bold signature across his chest in black ink and the pristine condition of the postcard make it a standout piece for collectors.

  • Historical Relevance: Commander of the Saxon XII Reserve Armeekorps, involvement in major WWI battles
  • Awards: 1870 Iron Cross 2nd Class, Orden Pour le Mérite (1916), Military Order of St. Henry
  • Appearance: Full uniform with numerous decorations
  • Condition: Excellent, never mailed

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Cultural Connection: Von Kirbach's decorated career and role in significant WWI battles are often highlighted in historical documentaries and simulations, offering enthusiasts a tangible link to the past.

Condition Notes: The postcard is in excellent condition with a bold signature, never mailed. It provides a valuable addition to any collection of WWI memorabilia.

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