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Autographed Postcard of General von Linsingen

Autographed Postcard of General von Linsingen

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Alexander von Linsingen (1850-1935) served as a German General during World War I, known for his exceptional command and strategic acumen. At the war's onset, he led the II. Armeekorps during the critical first Battle of the Marne. His leadership was soon required on the Eastern Front, where he commanded the South Armee, achieving decisive victories against the Russian forces. His successes on the battlefield were numerous, earning him the position of military commander of Berlin after the Russian surrender.

Von Linsingen's military career was decorated with numerous awards and recognitions from German allied states. He was awarded the prestigious Orden Pour le Mérite in May 1915, followed by the Oak Leaves in July 1915, reflecting his significant contributions to Germany's war efforts. By the war's end, he had risen to the rank of Generaloberst, cementing his legacy as a formidable military leader.

This autographed postcard, Nr 7405 from Gustav Liersch, captures von Linsingen in a contemplative pose, slightly from the rear in profile, as he peers through a field telescope mounted on a tripod. This type of telescope was commonly used in the trenches to observe enemy movements across no man's land. The top of the postcard bears his name and his command of the South Armee in Russia, while a bold and large black signature with an inscription adorns the bottom. The postcard, preserved in mint condition and never mailed, offers a unique and personal connection to a key figure of WWI.

  • Historical Relevance: Commanded II Armeekorps and South Armee
  • Awards: Pour le Mérite (1915), Oak Leaves (1915)
  • Appearance: Profile view with field telescope
  • Condition: Mint, never mailed

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Cultural Connection: His strategic prowess and battlefield decisions mirror those depicted in strategy games and historical documentaries, adding depth to his historical narrative. History enthusiasts and collectors of military memorabilia will appreciate this detailed and personal artifact.

Condition Notes: The postcard is in mint condition with a bold signature and detailed inscription, never mailed. It stands as a testament to von Linsingen's military career and is a valuable piece for collectors of WWI memorabilia.

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