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Autographed Postcard of Generalleutnant - Kriegsminister Wild von Hohenborn

Autographed Postcard of Generalleutnant - Kriegsminister Wild von Hohenborn

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Adolf Wild von Hohenborn (1860-1925) was a distinguished General in the Imperial German army during World War I. From 1915-1916, he served as the War Minister of Germany. His tenure was marked by a significant clash with Generalfeldmarschall Paul von Hindenburg, the Chief of the Great German General Staff. This conflict led to von Hohenborn's removal from his post through the intervention of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Subsequently, he was reassigned to command the XVI. Armeekorps, a position he held with distinction until the end of the war. Upon his retirement in 1919, he was honored with the rank of General der Infanterie.

Von Hohenborn was a highly decorated officer, receiving numerous awards from various German allied states. Among his most prestigious accolades were the Pour le Mérite, awarded in August 1915, and the Oak Leaves, added in October 1918 as the war neared its conclusion. This autographed postcard captures von Hohenborn in full military regalia, exuding the stern and authoritative demeanor that characterized his leadership. His feldgrau tunic is adorned with the 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class on a ribbon and the 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class pinned to his chest. The Pour le Mérite, a symbol of his valor and service, is prominently displayed at his throat.

This postcard is Nr 7516 from the renowned publisher Gustav Liersch. In the upper left corner, von Hohenborn is identified by his rank of Generalleutnant and the title Kriegsminister. His bold black signature, accompanied by an inscription, adds a personal touch to this historical artifact. The postcard, never mailed and preserved in excellent condition, offers a rare glimpse into the life of a key military figure during one of history's most tumultuous periods.

  • Historical Relevance: Generalleutnant and War Minister of Germany (1915-1916)
  • Awards: Pour le Mérite (1915), Oak Leaves (1918)
  • Appearance: Full uniform with 1914 Iron Crosses and Pour le Mérite
  • Condition: Excellent, never mailed

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Cultural Connection: The stern visage and decorated uniform of von Hohenborn are reminiscent of characters in WWI-themed video games and films, providing a tangible connection to this historical figure. Enthusiasts of war simulations and history buffs will find this item particularly intriguing.

Condition Notes: The postcard is in excellent condition with a bold black signature and inscription, never mailed. It is a testament to von Hohenborn's legacy and a valuable addition to any collection of WWI memorabilia.

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