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Autographed Postcard of Generaloberst Josias von Heeringen - Pour le Mérite Winner

Autographed Postcard of Generaloberst Josias von Heeringen - Pour le Mérite Winner

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Generaloberst Josias von Heeringen (1850-1926) was a prominent figure in the Imperial German Army, recognized for his exceptional military leadership and strategic expertise. He served with distinction during World War I, and his contributions were acknowledged with the award of the prestigious Pour le Mérite, Germany's highest military honor.

Von Heeringen began his military career in the Prussian Army, steadily rising through the ranks due to his skill and dedication. During World War I, he commanded the VII Army Corps and later the 7th Army, playing critical roles in various campaigns, including the Battle of the Frontiers.

This autographed postcard, Nr 7139 from Verlag von Gustav Liersch & Co, Berlin S.W., captures Generaloberst von Heeringen in full military regalia. His imposing figure and dignified presence are enhanced by the numerous decorations adorning his uniform, including the Pour le Mérite. The intricate details of his medals and the authoritative stance reflect his high rank and esteemed position in the military hierarchy.

The reverse of the postcard features a handwritten note and the bold signature of Generaloberst von Heeringen, dated May 1920. The postcard, never mailed, is preserved in excellent condition, making it a valuable addition to any collection of WWI memorabilia.

  • Historical Relevance: Generaloberst Josias von Heeringen, key figure in the Imperial German Army during WWI
  • Awards: Pour le Mérite (PLM)
  • Appearance: Full uniform with numerous decorations, including the Pour le Mérite
  • Condition: Excellent, never mailed

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Cultural Connection: The distinguished career of von Heeringen and his significant role in various WWI campaigns are often depicted in historical documentaries and strategy games, offering enthusiasts a tangible link to the past. His decorated uniform and authoritative presence are reminiscent of characters in WWI-themed media.

Condition Notes: The postcard is in excellent condition with a bold signature and detailed handwritten note, never mailed. It stands as a testament to von Heeringen's military career and is a valuable piece for collectors of WWI memorabilia.

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