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Autographed Postcard of Oberst Busse - Kommandant of Feste Boyen

Autographed Postcard of Oberst Busse - Kommandant of Feste Boyen

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Oberst Busse served as the Kommandant of Feste Boyen, a significant fortress in East Prussia, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Feste Boyen, constructed between 1843 and 1855, played a critical role in the defense strategies of the region, especially during World War I.

This autographed postcard features a striking portrait of Oberst Busse in his military regalia, showcasing his numerous decorations and medals. The photograph highlights his stern expression and the detailed uniform that signifies his rank and command. The postcard is a rare piece, capturing the essence of a key military figure responsible for the defense of one of Germany's important fortresses.

The reverse side of the postcard includes a handwritten note and signature by Oberst Busse, providing a personal touch and historical authenticity. The postcard, dated 1919, remains in excellent condition, offering a glimpse into the life of a distinguished military officer from the Imperial German Army.

  • Historical Relevance: Oberst Busse, Kommandant of Feste Boyen, key figure in the defense of East Prussia
  • Awards: Multiple military decorations visible in the portrait
  • Appearance: Full military uniform, stern expression, numerous decorations
  • Condition: Excellent, handwritten note and signature on the reverse

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Cultural Connection: The role of Oberst Busse and the significance of Feste Boyen in the defense strategies during WWI are often explored in historical documentaries and strategy games, providing enthusiasts with a deeper understanding of military history and fortifications.

Condition Notes: The postcard is in excellent condition, featuring a bold signature and detailed handwritten note. The historical context and personal inscription make it a valuable piece for collectors of WWI memorabilia.

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