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Autographed Postcard of Orden Pour le Mérite and Oak Leaves - General Hans von Zwehl

Autographed Postcard of Orden Pour le Mérite and Oak Leaves - General Hans von Zwehl

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General Hans von Zwehl (1851-1926) had a distinguished military career, initially serving in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871, where he was decorated with the 1870 Iron Cross 2nd Class. At the beginning of World War I, von Zwehl was brought out of retirement to command the VII. Reserve Armeekorps, which was part of the II. Armee under Generaloberst von Bülow. One of his significant achievements was the capture of the Fortress of Maubeuge in just two weeks, earning him one of the earliest Orden Pour le Mérites in September 1914. The Oak Leaves were added to this honor in October 1916.

Von Zwehl's career experienced ups and downs, and he was eventually appointed as the Military Governor of Belgium, a post he held until the end of the war. This autographed postcard, Nr Kr 218 b from the renowned firm Gustav Liersch, shows von Zwehl from the knees up in a dress uniform, not wearing epaulets but the shoulder boards more common before the war. His uniform is magnificently adorned with numerous breast stars and a neck order, although not the Pour le Mérite. He holds his General Pickelhaube with dress feathers in one hand and a sword in the other, showcasing his military grandeur.

The upper left corner of the postcard identifies von Zwehl as “General von Zwehl Sieger von Maubeuge.” His bold signature and rank inscription add a personal touch to this historical artifact. The postcard, preserved in excellent condition and never mailed, offers a unique glimpse into the life and achievements of General von Zwehl.

  • Historical Relevance: Commander of VII. Reserve Armeekorps, Military Governor of Belgium
  • Awards: Orden Pour le Mérite (1914), Oak Leaves (1916), Iron Cross 2nd Class (1870)
  • Appearance: Full uniform with numerous decorations
  • Condition: Excellent, never mailed

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Cultural Connection: Von Zwehl's significant role in capturing Maubeuge and his decorated career are often highlighted in historical documentaries and simulations, offering enthusiasts a tangible link to the past.

Condition Notes: The postcard is in excellent condition with a bold signature, never mailed. It provides a valuable addition to any collection of WWI memorabilia.

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