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Autographed Postcard of Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Souchon - Kaiserliche Marine

Autographed Postcard of Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Souchon - Kaiserliche Marine

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Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Souchon (1864-1946) was a distinguished officer in the Imperial German Navy (Kaiserliche Marine), best known for his strategic brilliance and command during World War I. His most notable achievement was commanding the Mediterranean squadron, where he played a pivotal role in the events leading up to the Ottoman Empire joining the Central Powers.

In August 1914, Souchon, commanding the battlecruiser SMS Goeben and the light cruiser SMS Breslau, successfully evaded the British Mediterranean fleet and reached Constantinople (now Istanbul). His actions significantly influenced the Ottoman Empire's decision to enter the war on the side of the Central Powers, altering the course of World War I.

This autographed postcard features a portrait of Vizeadmiral Souchon, painted by Karl Bauer. The postcard captures his resolute profile, highlighting his determined expression and the detailed uniform of a senior naval officer. The reverse side of the postcard includes a handwritten note and signature by Souchon, dated 26 July 1920, making it a unique and historically significant piece.

The postcard, published by J.F. Lehmanns Verlag, München, is in excellent condition and provides a rare glimpse into the life of one of Germany's key naval figures during WWI. This item is an invaluable addition to any collection of WWI memorabilia.

  • Historical Relevance: Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Souchon, key naval commander in the Imperial German Navy during WWI
  • Awards: Numerous naval decorations (specific awards not visible in this portrait)
  • Appearance: Full naval uniform, resolute profile, detailed painting by Karl Bauer
  • Condition: Excellent, mailed with postmark dated 26 July 1920

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Cultural Connection: Souchon's strategic maneuvers and naval command are often depicted in historical documentaries and naval warfare games, offering enthusiasts a tangible link to the past. His leadership during critical moments of WWI highlights the complexities and strategic depth of naval warfare.

Condition Notes: The postcard is in excellent condition, featuring a bold signature and detailed handwritten note. The postmark date adds historical authenticity, making it a valuable piece for collectors of WWI naval memorabilia.

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